The Specious Present

3 November, 2016
Art Gallery of Ontario, First Thursdays “Be Magik”
lo bil, Branda Dale, Adam Filek, David Frankovich, Holly Timpener, and Johannes Zits

“Specious Present” was coined by William James as “the short duration of which we are immediately and incessantly sensible.” No Object proposes a future imaginary wherein our embodiment affects the social landscape. By intuiting the collective direction within our group and noticing what impulses direct us when we are on our own, we develop a sense of connection and agency in the external world.

We alternated between two states. In the first, we were in close contact with one another, our naked bodies in tight sculptural formations that gradually transformed. In the second, we spontaneously burst out from our cluster, scattering throughout the space. We found each other again by an intuitive and sensory awareness of our bodies in relationship to each other and our surroundings, as we fluctuated between these two states.

photo credits: Henry Chan